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Funky Festival Wellies

Funky Festival Wellies

There’s nothing like a good pair of wellies to help you stand out in a crowd. Often, if you’re on a budget, it can be hard to find festival wellies that work for you. Here are some tips on finding cheap wellies that look good and won’t destroy your budget.

When you don’t have stacks of cash lying around (and who does?), it’s smart to get a pair of wellies that goes with a lot. Neutral shoes like hunters wellies can be a good choice. Here’s a reason and a few suggetsions:
* A neutral shoe like a pair of hunters wellies will go with a variety of colour schemes – a pair of soft brown festival wellies will go with more outfits than a pair of hot pink ones will.
* A style that will go with many outfits is wise, too. Wedge wellies will go with the dressier end of your wardrobe – they give you a heel and a bit of style with all the comfort and sensibility of a traditional wellie.
* Choosing something well-made will serve you well, too. If a nicely made pair of cheap wellies is a little more expensive than a flimsy pair, the few extra dollars are worth it for the extra durability.

That said, you don’t need to write off a pair of funky festival wellies just because they aren’t as versatile as a neutral pair. While shopping on a limited budget, you can often opt to go for two pairs – a quiet, neutral pair that looks professional and a wilder pair suitable for niche outfits or festival-going. Not sure what to look for in your pair of festival wellies? There are a plethora of options available – here are some things you might find:
* Heeled wellies have gained popularity and add style.
* Some fancy wellies have bows or other accents that dress them up a bit.
* Short wellies often look like traditional ankle boots and can add a unique twist.

Cheap Wellies – Where Do You Find Them?

Cheap Wellies – Where Do You Find Them?

Do you need cheap wellies? Designer boots are nice, but sometimes a solid pair of wellington boots will do just as well. Did you know that wellies can be suited to almost any kind of outfit? They work well as rain boots, but a dressy pair goes beautifully with a skirt and top. Whether you want a sleek pair of knee high boots or your classic biker boots, Boomboots has something for you.

For instance, just a basic pair of boots will go with many outfits – jeans, skirts, nice pants, etc. When you embellish those basic boots with a simple decoration – say, a bow or a small charm, they instantly become dressier. Most people think of boots as being somewhat clunky, but altering small details on classic wellingtons can result in their being re-purposed into all sorts of fashions. For instance, your classic rain boot has a flat heel that’s raised up only minimally. Rain boots can be made particularly sleek by the addition of chiseled, higher heels and turned-up toes. Essentially, when you break down the strict correlation between function and aesthetic, you can make rain boots (and really any kind of boot) more flattering.

When you’re buying boots on a limited budget, versatility and functionality are important things to consider. For instance, you might love that pair of polka-dotted pink boots, but how many outfits can they realistically go with? If you have the the funds to buy just one pair of boots, a neutral colour that goes with a lot is a safe bet. If you’ve got the money for two, either two neutral pairs in different styles or a neutral pair with a “novelty” pair (a colour that only goes with limited things) is a good idea.

Shop around when looking for boots – if a designer has something you love but can’t afford, for instance, you can usually find something comparable in style and cheaper in price from a different store. If you’re looking for boots that stay affordable without compromising on quality, them Boomboots has what you need.

Selecting Your Wellington Boots

Selecting Your Wellington Boots

Wellingtons are an excellent way to keep dry during rainy weather and on muddy land; this makes wellie boots the obvious choice for the outdoors in the UK! One need not fear to trod upon wet cobblestone or grassy fields when a pair of waterproof wellies protects your feet and trousers. For a festival wellies are a great decision, because all the tromping about creates muddy terrain. However, your boots need not be boring! Ladies’ wellies come in many different varieties, colors, and patterns. Contemporary Wellingtons are made of sheets of rubber, which can be printed with any imaginable design. There are even designer brands that make wellie boots. Wedge wellies and short wellies are fashionable options among other ladies wellies. The wedge wellies have a rise at the heel of the boot, making the wearer look taller, but not detracting from the ability to plod through mud and puddles. Short wellies are cute, but are best for wearing on the paved streets and sidewalks, as mud may be more likely to suction them off your feet! They’re a practical and elegant must-have for city life.

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Wellie boots are available from loads of shops, so one should never feel embarrassed to slip on a pair! They are incredibly functional, and come in a wide range of lovely varieties. Wellie boots look quite tasteful over scrunched socks, leg warmers, or tucked-in fitted trousers or leggings. They can be just as much a sharp part of a coordinated outfit as any pair of shoes.

Once you know what shoe size you need for your Wellingtons, you should next assess your needs. Do you live in a city with lots of paved roads, or do you spend more time in the country and fields? Do you prefer heel rise, or are you more comfortable in flat shoes? Take both comfort and practicality into consideration as well as your personal style and taste when selecting your wellie boots. Bear in mind that the cutest pair may not always be the ones you need, as with any other shoe.

Going to have some fun? Put on your funky festival wellies!

Going to have some fun? Put on your funky festival wellies!

It’s hardly possible to enjoy a musical experience at a festival without wearing funky wellies calling attention to your feet. In fact, colorful patterned wellies have become a must-have item for fashy festival goers, as they not only protect your feet from getting wet and muddy, but add a touch of chic to your festival rainy weather look when teamed up with an appropriate stylish dress, skirt or cut-off shorts. Becoming a beloved accessory during the festive season, wellies are now available in a wide variety of styles and designs and are about to become best friends of fashion conscious ladies even when the celebrations are over. It should be mentioned, that more and more celebrities are being spotted wearing their wellies to music festivals, for dog walking or some other occasions.


Funky, trendy and practical

Funky festival wellies have nothing to do with huge and heavy rubber boots people have been wearing in the past. Today’s top modern wellies are pretty and can be worn not only with casual or festival outfits, but also with more formal clothes. And, of course, you are not prohibited to put on a pair of your funky festival floral wellies when you decide to do some outdoor housekeeping or gardening. You’ll be the most stylish gardener ever!

The nature doesn’t have bad weather

Festival funky wellies are comfortable, warm and stylish and you can stay the whole day wearing them. If you need to go somewhere, but weather forecast is far from perfect, it’s  the right time to put your beautifully designed bright colored funky festival wellies and make your rainy day a little brighter.

Brave the winter

If you suffer with cold feet, just buy a pair of wellies made from neoprene, and your feet will be kept warm even on the coldest days. Winter wellies of high quality will look stylish and will allow you to stay comfortable in all conditions. To look fab and funky in winter wear your festival wellies with thermal welly socks and enjoy splashing all around in your wellies all winter long.


Buy wellies online

Buy wellies online

Wellingtons offer some exciting fashion ideas this fall, and the reason to look for a great pair of wellies is not necessarily the practical reasons. With high gloss and exciting colors, wellies just look good. Discover the outstanding selection and uncommon prices and become a little more daring with Wellington Boots this season.

Resisting the urge to buy attractive Wellingtons is hard, and such an urge will do nothing for your fashion life. Most of the outstanding outfits from this summer are forgotten. As fashion turns in a different direction, it’s time to consider new stuff. Consider a new pair of:

  • Ankle wellies
  • Short wellies
  • Wedge wellies
  • Wellingtons

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Neoprene wellies can provide the best ankle wellies or short wellies. With a little extra time spent shopping, you can get your look up to date. This season, shoppers can find the look they want in the new glossy wellies for women like the fantastic wedge wellies the celebrities are buying. Increase the likelihood today that the changing season will work out.

This year’s neoprene wellies offer dynamic new colors and style. They are among the most obvious reasons for an up tick in beach combing. Wearing wellies looks like fun, and they are! If you must bring up the practical reasons to wear wellies, go ahead. Wellies also ward off the cold, wet weather ahead. To keep warm, consider these things:

Wearing wellies is the simplest way to make a new fashion start. Be aware of new colors and features by shopping online. Make wellies a habit and stay warm and fuzzy this fall without sacrificing any fashion sense.

Everyone is in a hurry these days, but stops and check out the wellies and you will get places with less fuss. A pair of wellies for women may result in a new outlook on your whole closet.

Wide Fit Wellies

Wide Fit Wellies

For whatever purpose a woman has wide feet be it from naturally wide feet or a pregnancy staying in fashion is easy with wide fit wellies. Wide fit wellies are an ever-fashionable item since wellies have first been worn. They are a fashion accessory that never goes out of style and in years past, everyone has taken to wearing knee-high wellies in addition to other types. They are popular for several reasons. For instance, they simply look good.

What once was reserved to material that consisted only of leather, wellies can now be made of rubber. Rubber ladies wellies protect the feet from the elements, sharp objects, objects from falling on the feet, motorcycles and other potential hazards that can hurt the feet. Because of their rubberized constitution, they are easy to maintain and keep looking new for a long time. Also, they are highly durable.

When worn with skirts, wellies for women are the perfect accessory. They also compliment other pieces of clothing well. For instance, they complement leggings, jeans, shorts or long shirts and sweaters. Knee-high wellies can be worn on hot summer nights with wellies socks, but so too during the colder months. Ladies wellies protect the legs from the rain, wind, sleet and snow and allow for skirts and shorts to be worn during the colder months. In addition, they make for the perfect accessory to the layering look that has been popular in recent years.

Looking for a wellies sale can save money on wellies for women. A wellies sale can be beneficial in finding ankle wellies for the spring and knee-high wellies for the winter. Ankle wellies can also be worn in the colder months with other forms of protective legwear, such as jeans and wool leggings. A good pair of wellies can be worn with virtually anything—alone with a short skirt, alone with a long skirt or any other ensemble. For this reason, they are likened to the ‘little black dress’ and are a must to any woman’s wardrobe.

Ladies Festival Wellies

Ladies Festival Wellies

It’s difficult to find a woman who doesn’t love a cute pair of shoes. In the UK, cool temperatures and especially the onset of winter indicate that it’s time once again to shop for a fashionable yet utilitarian pair of boots. With ladies’ festival wellies, fashion-conscious women can indulge themselves with pairs of stylish footwear while keeping their feet dry, warm and comfortable at the same time.

Although no woman should be without a good pair of Wellingtons for the winter, but there’s no particular reason to stop with a single pair. In addition to selecting from a wide variety of welly colors and patterns, you can stock your wardrobe with Wellingtons in an array of styles including short wellies, wide calf wellies and wedge wellies.

Women of fashion understand the importance of being properly dressed for any situation. Even the original Duke of Wellington would be pleased to see the trends and adaptations that have been made to his namesake boots:

  • A pair of wedge wellies adds a splash of panache for navigating wet pavement and rainy shopping districts in the winter.
  • Short wellies in whimsical patterns can brighten a day of work in the garden and help feet remain warm and dry.
  • A pair of wide calf wellies with either low or high heels fit well at both the club and the workplace.

Online shoppers have easy access to top trends and affordable fashions. Some of the best fashion sites feature ladies wellies appropriate for any situation. Unlike the first Duke of Wellington, you aren’t likely to don your ladies’ festival wellies as you go into battle, but it never hurts to have a killer pair of boots for a night on the town or a commute to the office.

If you need a pair of ladies wellies or feel like shopping for a cute pair of boots, consider your online options. Welly shops like Bomboots online feature sizes and styles for everyone at affordable prices.

Short festival wellies

Short festival wellies

Short festival wellies are here to stay, and now is the time to get in on a UK fashion craze.

Women need wellies for all occasions and all uses. No matter what, a lady should have the chance to wear wellies to make sure that her feet are warm and cozy during these cold months.

Ladies wellies come in multiple shapes and styles. Not the least of which are wide calf wellies and hunter wellies. Each one allows a little bit more room for welly socks and just to let the lady’s legs breath. The style does not always have to be tight, especially when they are paired with a Bohemian wardrobe.

There are even more options that the customer might have imagined, such as:

– Ankle wellies
– Neoprene wellies
– Wedge wellies

Each of these styles and more are available at our welly warehouse that is stocked to meet the needs of every one of our customers.

If you’re wondering how you’re going to partake in all of our wellies at once, remember that wellies can be worn with just about style of clothing, and the discerning lady can have many pair in her wardrobe. Don’t limit yourself to just one pair when you can have so many different pairs all at your disposal.

Ladies can choose from our myriad styles of ankle wellies, neoprene wellies, wedge wellies, wide calf wellies, hunter wellies, and anything else the lady needs to round out her wardrobe.

Don’t waste another second waiting to get the wellies that you need for the fall and winter.

At, we have all of the wellies you need, more than enough sizes, and we ship to you extremely fast. You won’t have to wait to try on your new wellies and enjoy the fall and winter in shoes that make you look and feel beautiful every day of the season

Crazy Wellies

Crazy Wellies

Decades ago, wellies were simple, utilitarian footwear. Now, you can get wellies for every occasion – classic wellie boots that protect your feet in wet weather, wedge wellies that dress up any outfit, white wellies that pop with dark wash jeans.

Every so often, you might get tired of your day-to-day wardrobe and want to dress it up with something wild. The problem? Fancy or unique jackets, shirts, pants, etc. can be expensive and difficult to find. Also, if too much of your outfit is crazily unconventional, you run the risk of committing a fashion faux pas. A good compromise? A pair of crazy wellies!

Fashion magazines have long lauded the neutral-outfit-with-loud-shoe approach to dressing. If you’re wearing black or some other neutral, here are some ways to add pizzaz with a pair of wellie boots:
* Choose a loud, solid color – neon pink or highlighter yellow are some examples.
* Pick a unique pattern or palette. Black-and-pink wellingtons with pink bows are a good example, as are plaid or polka-dot patterns.
The style of your wellingtons can also go a long way in determining the crazy/unique factor of your outfit. Much more than color matters here, though – style can mean a lot.
* Wedge wellies are an interesting twist that can dress up an outfit.
* An unconventional type of wellie boot can go a long way in terms of style – for example, a short wellie that’s in the style of many fleece ankle boots is a surprising departure from convention sure to get you noticed.
* Anything additional that adds flair can be helpful – bows, encrusted cubic zirconia, etc. You can even select a pair you like and add details yourself.
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Crazy wellies don’t have to be expensive novelties – you can find cheap wellies with all the attitude of an expensive pair. With your savings, perhaps you can even buy an extra pair. Where to look? Check out the extensive, diverse collection at Boomboots – visit to start shopping for your next set of crazy wellies!

Wellington Boots Will Never Be the Same

Wellington Boots Will Never Be the Same

Who said neoprene boots had to be boring? Ladies wellies in the UK are making a fashion statement with colorful ribbons and bows, bright contrasting heels, fashionable fit and a variety of heel heights and styles. Ugly green rain boots have been banished from UK streets and replaced by fashion forward styles that reflect femininity, panache and fun. Rain or shine, the fashion scene will never be the same thanks to these inventive and whimsical wellies that take the ho-hum out of rubber boots and put a smile on your feet.

You never have to worry about keeping a shine on these neoprene wellies. Designed for carefree living, these designer boots will complement many items in

your wardrobe. Choose from ankle wellies and long, fitted wellies in a variety of heel styles and contrasting heel and ribbon colors to update your style with the latest UK boot craze. Pair ankle wellies with a maxi skirt or jeans and add pizzazz to black leggings with neoprene wellies with a bright pink ribbon and bright pink heel. After a day frolicking in the rain or mud, just wipe them off with a damp cloth. These fun loving boots simply love the sunshine, too.

These ladies wellies were designed for women on the go, whether you keep house, attend school, or go to work every day. You can stay fashionable and also stay ahead of the unexpected. You can be proud to be seen everywhere in these elegant boots thanks to the variety of heels, fashion fit and bright, contemporary colors. In fact, you’ll want a couple of wellie boots to complement your wardrobe. Since these boots are more affordable than leather, you’ll find it easy to purchase several. After all, they’re utilitarian. They just look like they want to party.

The unique, contrasting colors and great fit of these wellie boots will have you reaching for them no matter what the weather or occasion. Short wellies give you the newest look with jeans and skirts, and longer boots give you that coveted, sleek look. You can check out the latest looks in the Look Book at Boomboots, and shop for stylish short wellies and other amazing boots at