Crazy Wellies

Crazy Wellies

Decades ago, wellies were simple, utilitarian footwear. Now, you can get wellies for every occasion – classic wellie boots that protect your feet in wet weather, wedge wellies that dress up any outfit, white wellies that pop with dark wash jeans.

Every so often, you might get tired of your day-to-day wardrobe and want to dress it up with something wild. The problem? Fancy or unique jackets, shirts, pants, etc. can be expensive and difficult to find. Also, if too much of your outfit is crazily unconventional, you run the risk of committing a fashion faux pas. A good compromise? A pair of crazy wellies!

Fashion magazines have long lauded the neutral-outfit-with-loud-shoe approach to dressing. If you’re wearing black or some other neutral, here are some ways to add pizzaz with a pair of wellie boots:
* Choose a loud, solid color – neon pink or highlighter yellow are some examples.
* Pick a unique pattern or palette. Black-and-pink wellingtons with pink bows are a good example, as are plaid or polka-dot patterns.
The style of your wellingtons can also go a long way in determining the crazy/unique factor of your outfit. Much more than color matters here, though – style can mean a lot.
* Wedge wellies are an interesting twist that can dress up an outfit.
* An unconventional type of wellie boot can go a long way in terms of style – for example, a short wellie that’s in the style of many fleece ankle boots is a surprising departure from convention sure to get you noticed.
* Anything additional that adds flair can be helpful – bows, encrusted cubic zirconia, etc. You can even select a pair you like and add details yourself.
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Crazy wellies don’t have to be expensive novelties – you can find cheap wellies with all the attitude of an expensive pair. With your savings, perhaps you can even buy an extra pair. Where to look? Check out the extensive, diverse collection at Boomboots – visit to start shopping for your next set of crazy wellies!

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