Wellington boots

Wellington boots

Wellington boots are an excellent way to keep dry during rainy weather and on muddy land; this makes wellie boots the obvious choice for the outdoors in the UK! One need not fear to trod upon wet cobblestone or grassy fields when a pair of waterproof wellies protects your feet and trousers. For a festival wellies are a great decision, because all the tromping about creates muddy terrain. However, your boots need not be boring! Ladies’ wellies come in many different varieties, colors, and patterns. Contemporary Wellingtons are made of sheets of rubber, which can be printed with any imaginable design. There are even designer brands that make wellie boots. Wedge wellies and short wellies are fashionable options amongst other ladies’ wellies. The wedge wellies have a rise at the heel of the boot, making the wearer look taller, but not detracting from the ability to plod through mud and puddles. Short wellies are cute, but are best for wearing on the paved streets and sidewalks, as mud may be more likely to suction them off your feet! They’re a practical and elegant must-have for city life.

Wellie boots are available from loads of shops, so one should never feel embarrassed to slip on a pair! They are incredibly functional, and come in a wide range of lovely varieties. Wellie boots look quite tasteful over scrunched socks, leg warmers, or tucked-in fitted trousers or leggings. They can be just as much a sharp part of a coordinated outfit as any pair of shoes.

Once you know what shoe size you need for your Wellingtons, you should next assess your needs. Do you live in a city with lots of paved roads, or do you spend more time in the country and fields? Do you prefer heel rise, or are you more comfortable in flat shoes? Take both comfort and practicality into consideration as well as your personal style and taste when selecting your wellie boots. Bear in mind that the cutest pair may not always be the ones you need, as with any other shoe.

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