Funky Wellington Boots

Funky Wellington Boots

When you think of wellie boots, especially in the traditional sense, you probably picture classic neoprene wellies, waterproof and good for working in barns or slogging through wet streets in the rain. While you’re certain to be able to find these at any wellies sale you go to, there are a plethora of other types of wellies that you can find. And nothing dresses up an outfit like a pair of funky wellies.

Whether you’re looking for a good pair of festival wellies or just want to make a statement as you go about your day-to-day life, you can go beyond the archetypal classic neoprene wellies. Here’s a sampling of what festival wellies you can find when you go beyond the expected:
* Wedge wellies – these are basically your classic wellington with a wedge heel. You get all the comfort of a traditional wellie and all the style of your favorite pair of heels. Wedge wellies are great if you prefer something different – a real departure form the idea of your classic rubber boot.
* Wellies with surprising pizzazz – you can find wellie boots with patterns, wellie boots with decorations, and more. Many boots now have bows, buckles, etc. – all you could hope to find in a pricier leather boot and then some.
* A cornucopia of styles – you can find wellies modeled after Ugg boots, tall wellies that double as riding boots, heeled calf-high wellies that will go with nice skirts, snazzy ankle wellies, and more. There’s not just one standard style of wellington. There are many styles, and they’re yours for the browsing.

When you want a pair of funky wellington boots, shopping is even more fun. You can find a pair of boots with all the quirks you can possibly dream of. Whether you want a unique style, a mind-blowing pattern, or both, a pair of funky wellington boots is in your future. When you’re ready to shop, visit Boomboots – go to today!

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