Festival Wellingtons

Festival Wellies

Creating the perfect outfit is all about finding the right accessories. While it’s nice to look good, it’s also critical that your gear is functional enough to keep you comfortable in the weather, making a slick pair of versatile wellingtons an essential part of any ensemble.

Of course, you needn’t settle for the typical plain wellies that you wore to school. With a vast range of modern options to choose from, you can create anything from an absolutely posh style to a more simple look that’s appropriate for the office or a night out with mates.

Also remember that wellies come in many different cuts and colors; in most cases it’s essential to have more than one pair on hand for separate occasions. For instance, the same slick black ankle wellies you wear to work could take on a completely different appearance with the addition of heels that make them a bit more suitable for a fancy date. Choose similar styles that let you look the way you want without getting stuck in a rut.

Don’t think that you’re restricted to a typical look just because you decide to rock a pair of comfy cheap wellies. In addition to being able to choose from alternate designs like UGG and jockey styles, there are plenty of things you can do to make your favorite pair of hunters wellies match any outfit. Here are just a few suggestions:

  • Do up the laces or zipper for a more form-fitting, slimming appearance.
  • Pick an alternate color scheme that matches your heels and bows to create the complete, cute package.
  • Create a timeless vintage look using classic accessories that offset your wellingtons with soft denim and leather. When it’s time to fancy up, switch to slacks or a mini.

You can let your pants hang over your wellies to completely change their appearance on the fly or tuck them in to show off your shoes with pride. These are truly versatile examples of modern footwear that let you adapt your favorite styles to your own personality, instead of trying to conform to a look that doesn’t really fit you.

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