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Wellington boots

Wellington boots

Wellington boots are an excellent way to keep dry during rainy weather and on muddy land; this makes wellie boots the obvious choice for the outdoors in the UK! One need not fear to trod upon wet cobblestone or grassy fields when a pair of waterproof wellies protects your feet and trousers. For a festival wellies are a great decision, because all the tromping about creates muddy terrain. However, your boots need not be boring! Ladies’ wellies come in many different varieties, colors, and patterns. Contemporary Wellingtons are made of sheets of rubber, which can be printed with any imaginable design. There are even designer brands that make wellie boots. Wedge wellies and short wellies are fashionable options amongst other ladies’ wellies. The wedge wellies have a rise at the heel of the boot, making the wearer look taller, but not detracting from the ability to plod through mud and puddles. Short wellies are cute, but are best for wearing on the paved streets and sidewalks, as mud may be more likely to suction them off your feet! They’re a practical and elegant must-have for city life.

Wellie boots are available from loads of shops, so one should never feel embarrassed to slip on a pair! They are incredibly functional, and come in a wide range of lovely varieties. Wellie boots look quite tasteful over scrunched socks, leg warmers, or tucked-in fitted trousers or leggings. They can be just as much a sharp part of a coordinated outfit as any pair of shoes.

Once you know what shoe size you need for your Wellingtons, you should next assess your needs. Do you live in a city with lots of paved roads, or do you spend more time in the country and fields? Do you prefer heel rise, or are you more comfortable in flat shoes? Take both comfort and practicality into consideration as well as your personal style and taste when selecting your wellie boots. Bear in mind that the cutest pair may not always be the ones you need, as with any other shoe.

Festival Wellingtons

Festival Wellies

Creating the perfect outfit is all about finding the right accessories. While it’s nice to look good, it’s also critical that your gear is functional enough to keep you comfortable in the weather, making a slick pair of versatile wellingtons an essential part of any ensemble.

Of course, you needn’t settle for the typical plain wellies that you wore to school. With a vast range of modern options to choose from, you can create anything from an absolutely posh style to a more simple look that’s appropriate for the office or a night out with mates.

Also remember that wellies come in many different cuts and colors; in most cases it’s essential to have more than one pair on hand for separate occasions. For instance, the same slick black ankle wellies you wear to work could take on a completely different appearance with the addition of heels that make them a bit more suitable for a fancy date. Choose similar styles that let you look the way you want without getting stuck in a rut.

Don’t think that you’re restricted to a typical look just because you decide to rock a pair of comfy cheap wellies. In addition to being able to choose from alternate designs like UGG and jockey styles, there are plenty of things you can do to make your favorite pair of hunters wellies match any outfit. Here are just a few suggestions:

  • Do up the laces or zipper for a more form-fitting, slimming appearance.
  • Pick an alternate color scheme that matches your heels and bows to create the complete, cute package.
  • Create a timeless vintage look using classic accessories that offset your wellingtons with soft denim and leather. When it’s time to fancy up, switch to slacks or a mini.

You can let your pants hang over your wellies to completely change their appearance on the fly or tuck them in to show off your shoes with pride. These are truly versatile examples of modern footwear that let you adapt your favorite styles to your own personality, instead of trying to conform to a look that doesn’t really fit you.

Funky Wellington Boots

Funky Wellington Boots

When you think of wellie boots, especially in the traditional sense, you probably picture classic neoprene wellies, waterproof and good for working in barns or slogging through wet streets in the rain. While you’re certain to be able to find these at any wellies sale you go to, there are a plethora of other types of wellies that you can find. And nothing dresses up an outfit like a pair of funky wellies.

Whether you’re looking for a good pair of festival wellies or just want to make a statement as you go about your day-to-day life, you can go beyond the archetypal classic neoprene wellies. Here’s a sampling of what festival wellies you can find when you go beyond the expected:
* Wedge wellies – these are basically your classic wellington with a wedge heel. You get all the comfort of a traditional wellie and all the style of your favorite pair of heels. Wedge wellies are great if you prefer something different – a real departure form the idea of your classic rubber boot.
* Wellies with surprising pizzazz – you can find wellie boots with patterns, wellie boots with decorations, and more. Many boots now have bows, buckles, etc. – all you could hope to find in a pricier leather boot and then some.
* A cornucopia of styles – you can find wellies modeled after Ugg boots, tall wellies that double as riding boots, heeled calf-high wellies that will go with nice skirts, snazzy ankle wellies, and more. There’s not just one standard style of wellington. There are many styles, and they’re yours for the browsing.

When you want a pair of funky wellington boots, shopping is even more fun. You can find a pair of boots with all the quirks you can possibly dream of. Whether you want a unique style, a mind-blowing pattern, or both, a pair of funky wellington boots is in your future. When you’re ready to shop, visit Boomboots – go to today!

Festival Wellies for Women

Festival Wellies for Women

Unattractive wellies are a thing of the past. What once was meant to simply cover shoes to prevent them from becoming muddy or otherwise dirty has become a hot fashion trend that serves multiple uses. Whether used for riding a motorcycle or dancing in the rain, these types of designer shoes are highly attractive and carry a wide array of looks.

Wellies are rubberized boots that can be as high as the ankle, knees or thighs. Their shiny exterior and smooth appearance resembles leather and other fashionable materials, which can take on numerous looks depending on what they’re paired with and makes them stylish. For instance, they can be used as walking boots or biker boots. Worn as knee high boots, they can be worn with skirts, shorts or over tight-fitting pants. For recent trends in fashion, knee high boots can be worn with virtually anything. For instance, wear a few cardigans with a t-shirt, skirt and scarf while the boots keep the legs protected from the rain, snow, cold and wind.
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Whether one is searching for the perfect shoes to compliment several pieces of clothing or one wants 50 pairs of designer shoes, boots meet the need. Get a black and brown pair to match with any piece of clothing in any color. Boots not only look good, but protect from the elements and can protect the feet from rigorous demands, such as hiking or walking in a rocky terrain. For instance, worn as biker boots, they protect the legs from the heat emitted from the bike and any possible flying objects that can hit the legs.

There are many stories of where rubberized boots were first fashioned, but their usage is clear. Boots are the perfect fashion accessory for their functionality and fashionable appearance. They prepare one for the rain, snow, muddy terrain, hiking, a night out on the town, dancing at the club, walking through streams and everything else imaginable. No wardrobe is complete without boots.