Cheap Wellies – Where Do You Find Them?

Cheap Wellies – Where Do You Find Them?

Do you need cheap wellies? Designer boots are nice, but sometimes a solid pair of wellington boots will do just as well. Did you know that wellies can be suited to almost any kind of outfit? They work well as rain boots, but a dressy pair goes beautifully with a skirt and top. Whether you want a sleek pair of knee high boots or your classic biker boots, Boomboots has something for you.

For instance, just a basic pair of boots will go with many outfits – jeans, skirts, nice pants, etc. When you embellish those basic boots with a simple decoration – say, a bow or a small charm, they instantly become dressier. Most people think of boots as being somewhat clunky, but altering small details on classic wellingtons can result in their being re-purposed into all sorts of fashions. For instance, your classic rain boot has a flat heel that’s raised up only minimally. Rain boots can be made particularly sleek by the addition of chiseled, higher heels and turned-up toes. Essentially, when you break down the strict correlation between function and aesthetic, you can make rain boots (and really any kind of boot) more flattering.

When you’re buying boots on a limited budget, versatility and functionality are important things to consider. For instance, you might love that pair of polka-dotted pink boots, but how many outfits can they realistically go with? If you have the the funds to buy just one pair of boots, a neutral colour that goes with a lot is a safe bet. If you’ve got the money for two, either two neutral pairs in different styles or a neutral pair with a “novelty” pair (a colour that only goes with limited things) is a good idea.

Shop around when looking for boots – if a designer has something you love but can’t afford, for instance, you can usually find something comparable in style and cheaper in price from a different store. If you’re looking for boots that stay affordable without compromising on quality, them Boomboots has what you need.

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