Wellies Verona Black

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Wellies Verona Black


In search of new models, the company is attracting young independent designers from Italy who had a hand in the creation of the “Verona Black” wellies model. Natural rubber, rich matt rubber color, reliable zipper and buckles (how can we do without them?). A limited edition and available in two color combinations. As with all BOOMBOOTS wellingtons, the “Verona Black” design comes packaged in a beautiful white box and can be a great gift for you and your loved ones.

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18 £ Прежняя цена: 36 £
  • Высота сапога 28 cm.
  • Высота каблука 3 cm.

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£ 18

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£ 18
18 £ Прежняя цена: 36 £

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